The casement windows that All Aspects Architectural Joinery manufacture are made to measure.  The windows is attached to the frame by two or more hinges.  Casement windows are hinged at the side.   A window that is hinged at the top is an awning window, a window that is hinged at the bottom is called a hopper window.  Casement windows can be manufactured singly or in pairs within a frame.

All our casement windows have glass panes rebated into the frame and sealed with putty or a glazing bar.

Casement windows can be opened with a Crank, Lever or Cam handle.  Handles can be placed where the customer wishes.  All handles serve as a window lock.

The box sash – all our box sash windows are made to measure

with two or more sashes that overlap slightly that slide horizontally within the frame. All Aspects Architectural Joinery manufacture sash windows in the traditional way with sash pulleys and a traditional locking mechanism.

Roof Lantern

Within the years of experience our staff have produced some fantastic roof lanterns. A process that see the project resembling a small building that uses glass and beams to form a roof which allows for the maximum amount of light to enter the room.  Both day and night.

Any shape

No matter what shape window you have, we can produce a frame to fit, our local glass supplier will provided the glass to complete the window

All windows can be fitted with locks of the customers choice including a five lever Espagnolette locking system for extra security.



Bespoke Doors



Doors  All doors can be fitted with a five lever Espagnolette locking system for extra security.

Tongue and Groove. Fitting similar timber together, edge to edge.  All Aspects Architectural Joinery machine and manufactures the pieces to form the required shape and size.   This method eliminates glue and therefore more secure.  Tongue and Groove doors are used for projects requiring high quality.

Paneled   Also called stile and rail doors, are manufactured with a frame and panel construction. Two Vertical boards are machined to run the height of the door and run the full length.   The hinges are can be mounted to the side required.  The handle, lock, bolt or latch can be chosen from a wide range.  The rails run horizontally top and bottom with the option of a middle rail to allow for the door to be split into two stiles.

Raised and fielded  This door is manufactured with a solid timber frame, filled on one face with the customers choice of design.

Framed Ledged and Braced  A door produced using a vertical tongue and groove board and held together with diagonal braces and rebated into the frame.

Ledged and Braced – All Aspects Architectural Joinery machine the timber into vertical tongue and groove board and held into place with two or three ledges and braced together with a further timber section.

Fully glazed  –  This door can be manufactured with fully toughened double or single glazed panel also in float if required.  The frame can be manufactured to suit the customers requirements.

Double boarded – All Aspects takes pride in insulating the double boarded doors using high quality timber to board the door and filling any void with Celotex® Insulation board.

Door and Screen – If your opening is far to large for a single door, All Aspects Architectural Joinery will work through different ideas to suit your needs.  Maybe a door and timber screen or a door and glazed screen.  Your project is as important to us as it is to you.